Why All the Buzz About Soup Cleanses?

It looks like 2015 is the year of the soup cleanse! Everywhere you look in magazines and websites, you’re hearing about the latest addition to the wellness arsenal … which is also one of the oldest foods in the world: soup!

Real Food Works is in full agreement with this new trend! In fact – full disclosure, as usual – we have our very own soup “cleanse” and would love for you to try ours! But first, we want you to understand what you should and should not expect from a cleanse.What a Soup Cleanse is NOT:

  • A Cleanse is NOT a Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card that clears “toxins.” Whole, fresh foods do help your body clear the toxins that can accumulate from chemically-created foods and the environment, but no soups (ours or others’) have magic cleansing powers beyond those of the vegetables themselves.
  • A Cleanse is NOT a long-term weight loss solution. Yes, it is a way to have a lower calorie load for a day or two (most soup cleanses are 600 – 800 calories for the day), but they do not have enough calories for sustained use.

What you CAN get from a Soup Cleanse:

  • A day of fresh, clean flavors that will help retrain/reset your palate to enjoy and crave healthier foods.
  • A day high in fiber that will help you stay full (even at lowered calories), and also help your digestive tract stay healthy.
  • A day of high-nutrient-density eating that will help energize your body at the cellular level. Those “recommended 5 servings of veggies?” You’ll leave that in the dust!
  • A tasty break from having to cook your own meals.
  • A delicious introduction to new flavor combinations you may not have thought of before.
  • And you get all of this without the blood sugar surges and dips you get with fruit cleanses, because soups are vegetable-rich and full of fiber.

Knowing all of this, if you’d think you’d like to try a Soup Cleanse, we’d love to have you take a look at ours at http://soup-cleanse.com/.

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