For Coaches

Real Food Works was born with a mission to help people become healthier by eating more real food. Our model is unique: we deliver fresh ready-to-eat meals to our members homes that are made by restaurant chefs with 100% plant based whole foods (plus high quality animal proteins). We believe in food that’s healthy and tastes great. Our palette of ingredients is rich with vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. We have meat dishes (all meats must be organic, free range, line-caught, pastured,…). But no dairy, and almost no added sweetener, salt, or fat. All ingredients and full nutritional information is listed for every meal we offer.

Why partner with us?

The most important reason to partner with us is to help your clients be more successful. Getting exactly the food you’d like them to eat delivered and delicious is the easiest way for them to comply with your program–you know they’ll get results if they comply. We are extremely flexible and enable you to manage your clients’ meals with them, so that you retain control over the food and your relationship with your clients. Of course, it’s great to create an ongoing revenue stream for your business from our programs too.

Getting started with us is simple.

Just call Mary at (800) 215-1511 or email [email protected] We’ll explain how it all works, get you set up with an account, and provide the best levels of customer service possible for your clients.

Working with us is simple too.

  • Provide your Coach’s Code to your clients
  • Your clients sign up at and enter your code and their payment information
  • Access your clients’ meal selections through our Coach’s Dashboard, helping them make appropriate choices
  • Receive your partner commissions monthly

We hope that you find the opportunity to help your clients as exciting as we do. Please email Mary at [email protected] to learn more.