the soup cleanse

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Enjoy a full day of six soups:

  • detox – a kale and cauliflower soup brightened with ginger to start your day off right
  • shine – this carrot curry soup has the perfect blend of spices to get you moving
  • purify – spinach and broccoli power you through the middle of the day
  • energize – a crimson afternoon pick-me-up loaded with beets and orange
  • replenish – romaine lettuce and tomatillo add variety to your greens
  • transcend – savor this clean and healthy cucumber, melon and mint dessert finale

Every ingredient is conscientiously sourced. We use only whole foods. Every soup is gluten-free, soy-free and nut-free.

Soup cleanse is nutrition-packed, and also very low in calories and therefore not recommended as a long term meal replacement. Most people prefer a one- to three-day cleanse. For optimal long term results, we recommend Soup Cleansing once a week.

Soup Cleanse can be safely shipped anywhere in the continental U.S.