About Us

Soup Cleanse started when Lucinda Duncalfe, Founder of Real Food Works, saw the potential to take juice cleansing to a new level. Lucinda eats a purely whole food plant-based diet full-time. And like many people who care about their bodies, she did a juice cleanse every now and then too. But the amount of fruit sugar in those cleanses concerned her, as did the lack of fiber. Then, while working with Splendid Spoon's founder Nicole Chaszar, Lucinda saw the opportunity to improve on juice cleansing.

soup provides intense nutrition, with no extra sweetness, in a satisfying bowl.

It's not a revolutionary concept. Every healthy culture on earth includes simple, clean soups in their diet. Our grandmothers cooked soup. The keys to Soup Cleanse are healthy preparation of each soup using pure ingredients and careful seasoning plus thoughtful combinations of soups each day. (Nicole produces our soups in small batches with love and attention to detail). Soup Cleanse also encourages mindfulness — eating with a spoon slows your pace and we hope that you will give yourself the time and space to sit at a table and be present for the experience.

With soup, you can achieve the balance you're seeking. Look and feel great knowing you're doing a wonderful thing for yourself.