About Us

Real Food Works is an early-stage start-up headquartered in Philadelphia, founded by successful entrepreneurs with a passion for food, health, and technology. Our goal is to improve health by helping people to eat a real food diet. We are using the newest business models and technologies to turn compelling scientific findings about how we should eat into a product offering that delivers amazing results for customers. Some of the best investors in the world have backed our vision.

We offer subscription-based programs of home delivered meals, for both weight loss and healthy living. Customers have an online portal where they manage their account and select meals. Weight loss customers have weekly coaching sessions and track their behavior and results and interact with us through an online portal.

The magic in our business model is the supply chain. We use local restaurants, and their excess capacity, to produce our food. Each dish is the restaurants’ own creation, tailored to fit within our stringent nutritional specifications. They create delicious dishes that contain all whole foods — mostly vegetables, whole grains, legumes, fruits, nuts and seeds, with a bit of organic meat if a customer chooses — and nothing processed or artificial, no dairy, and very little added fat, salt, and sweeteners. Each plan provides our customers with meals from a variety of restaurants each week.

Our model has far-reaching benefit:

Customer Results — whole food plant-based diets result in weight loss, reduction in the incidence of heart disease and diabetes, improved energy, sleep, and mental acuity, reduction in gastrointestinal ailments, allergies, and acne

Variety of Food — the most frequently cited reason people stop meal delivery services is the food, which all comes from a single centralized kitchen, gets boring

In addition, we feel good about contributing positively to our community’s economy and to the health of our planet.